Wednesday 2 January 2019
Hall AHall BHall C
Wet lab: DMEK Live surgeryVideo symposium of challenging cases
Wet lab: DALK
Wet lab: ICL
Wet lab: Phacoemulsification
Thursday 3 January
Hall AHall B (Young Ophthalmology Program)
9:00-10:00Ocular surface disorders
Chemical burns
Limbal stem cell deficiency
Steven Johnson syndrome
Mooren s ulcer
9:00-9:30Basic investigation
- Specular microscopy
- Tear film investigation
10:00-11:00Corneal infections diagnosis and management 9:30-11:00Basic phacoemulsification
- Wound construction
- Capsulorhexis
- Hydrodissection and delineation
- Nucleus management
- Irrigation aspiration
- IOL implantation
- Wound closure
Coffee break
11:30-13:00Kerato Refractive debates
Lunch Break
16:00-17:00Anterior Lamellar surgery
- Inlays
- Bowman s membrane transplantation
- Femto assisted ALK
15:30-17:30What if it went wrong?
(Video Session)
Cataract refractive cornea
18:00-19:00DALK complicated cases18:30-19:30Postoperative care
- Cataract
- Refractive
- Cornea
17:00-18:00DALK basic procedure 17:30-18:30Interactive video session juniors
14:00-15:00Keratectasia how to proceed?
- Keratoconus
- Keratoglobus
- Pellucid marginal degeneration
14:00-15:00Basic Penetrating keratoplasty
15:00-16:00ICRS debates 15:00-15:30Basic OSD (Ocular Surface Disorder)
19:00-19:30Pediatric Keratoplasty
19:30-20:30Key note lecture Dr. Rajesh Fogla
Friday 4 January
9:00-12:00Posterior lamellar Surgery
Friday Prayer and Coffee Break
13:00-14:00Staged corneal surgery
- Infections
- Pediatric
- Previous grafting
14:00-15:00Staged combined surgery (cornea and other subspeciality)
- PKP and IOL implantation
- Pupilloplasty and DMEK
- DMEK and cataract
- DALK and phacoemulsification
- Lid problems and corneal grafting
- Retinal detachment and corneal grafting
- Lamellar corneal surgery and shunting
15:00-16:00Regrafting? Panel discussion
16:00-17:00Corneal trauma: perforations and melting
17:00-18:00Femto Assissted Corneal Surgery
18:00-19:00Video symposium